A Message From Founder

My name is Jim Tovet and I own Cash For Your Test Strips.

One day in 2003 I found myself talking with an older gentleman in a coffee shop in downtown Boston. He was sharing with me the challenges he was having trying to make ends meet. Times were tough and he was having a hard time.

He told with me that he was diabetic and that he needed to test his blood daily. He had no insurance and as a result he had to purchase his test strips out of his own pocket.

Unfortunately he couldn’t test his blood as often as he was supposed to because he simply couldn’t afford to buy the amount of strips that he needed. He was afraid that his lack of testing might cause his health to deteriorate.

I heard the frustration in his voice and wished I could do something to help.

That night I sat at my computer and started to research Diabetes Test Strips. What I learned really surprised me.

I found out that insurance companies often send patients more test strips then they need. I also found out that it is very common to send patients different type of meters on a regular basis.

What this means is that many patients get way more boxes of strips then they need or they get a new brand of test strips and meter and they have a pile of the old brand just sitting on the shelf!

It was then that I saw a solution for the man I met in the coffee shop and literally millions of others just like him.

All I had to do was find a way to gather together the left over strips from one group of people and supply them to another group of people who can really use them.

I was excited and that is how Cash For Your Test Strips was born.

We let diabetes patients know that if they have extra boxes of test strips that are factory sealed, not expired and in good shape that we will buy them.

We then reach out to those folks who need them and can’t afford them and sell them those boxes at a SIGNIFICANT savings!

A company that started with just myself working in the Boston MA area has blossomed over the years. We now have many people on the payroll and we buy and distribute test strips all over the United States!

I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I go to work each day because I know our company is making a difference in people’s lives.

Everyone wins.

The people who sell us their extra strips make some much needed cash.
Our company employs people who now earn a week’s pay.
People who desperately need test strips and can’t afford them can now have them at a much reduced price.

We are very proud of the work we do and the service we provide.

Thank you

Jim Tovet